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Groundwork's primary source of support comes from time donated by top level environmental professionals including architects, planners, specialists in sewage, solar energy, engineers and builders. This help has extended over a period of more than 20 years.

Groundwork also receives donations of money and equipment from foundations and individuals. Groundwork Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
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In addition, we participate in a HUD program for non-profit organizations whereby we sell inexpensive homes to low income first homebuyers with no money down. A small portion of the proceeds goes to support the Institute.

The following are some of the people and organizations whose support has made Groundwork Institute's work possible:


Miguel Altieri
, Division of Biological Control, University of California at Berkeley. Integrated Pest Management, organic agriculture.

Medea Benjamin, Global Exchange.

Sheila Brady, LSA/Brady Associates, Landscape Architecture & Planning.

Harvey Bryan, Natural lighting expert, Professor of Architecture MIT.

Peter Calthorpe, Architect, solar designer, planner. Author of "Pedestrian Pockets", "Redefining Cities"

Joseph Collins, Co-Founder Institute for Food and Development Policy, Author with Frances Moore Lappe "Food First"

Ron Dellums, U.S. Congressman retired.

Russell Ellis, Ph.D., Professor of Behavioral Sciences in Architecture, University of California Berkeley. Director, Institute for the Study of Social Change.

Don Elmer, Analyst with the Passive Cooling Program at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. Advisor to GW on passive cooling, sustainable technology. Grenada, Cuba projects.

Richard Epstein, Ph.D.  Social & Clinical Psychology, Director of Institute for Labor & Mental Health. Secretary, Groundwork Institute Board of Directors.

Jim Farah, Former Planning Director, Richmond City Planning Department

Pliny Fisk, Founder, Center for Maximum Potential Building Design. Advisor to Groundwork Institute on earth building materials, local resource management, San Dionisio, Nicaragua project.

Ken Kay, Landscape Architect, urban designer: Marina Village, McCarthy Ranch, Milwaukee River walk.

Florentin Krause, Energy Analyst, International Project for Soft Energy Paths.

Sandra Levinson, Director, Center for Cuban Studies.

Amory Lovins, Energy Analyst, Co-founder Rocky Mountain Institute, Author "Soft Energy Paths"

Hunter Lovins, Attorney, Co-founder Rocky Mountain Institute.

Marlo Martin, Physicist, former Director of Passive Cooling Program, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.

William Oswald, Ph.D., Professor of Public Health and Sanitary Engineering University of California at Berkeley. Advisor to Groundwork on sewage treatment.

Michael Pyatok, Architect, low cost housing specialist.

George Rand, Ph.D., Environmental Psychologist, University of California at Los Angeles.

Don Reay, Architect/City Planner, University of California at Berkeley.

Steve Sears, Writer/Photographer.

Geoffrey Stanford, MD, Ph.D., Director, Greenhills Center for Studies at the Interface Between Town and Country.

Peter Warshall, Naturalist, water conservation, waste water management and watershed protection.


Support for Institute projects and material assistance, including contributions of money & equipment, have been provided by the following:

Franciscan Charities, Franciscan Friars
Youth Project/Circle Fund
Libre Fund
Funding Exchange
National Community Funds
Students & Parishioners of Newman-H.S.
Sunrise Fund
Bellwether Fund
Evergreen Fund
Youth Project/Circle Fund
Caribbean Development Council
Diocese of Victoria, Pastoral Centre
Newman Hall, Holy Spirit Parish
Worldwide Holdings Corp
National Council Of Churches
Cheese Board Collective
David Hunter, former Executive Director, Stern Fund
Carol & Ping Ferry
Rod Holt, Vice President, Apple Computers
Fred Abler, CEO, FormFonts 3D

Isaac Garcia, Principal, Central Desktop

Oakland Community Design Center, UC
Hamilton Fish, Publisher, The Nation
Helen Vanderbilt
Haskell Wexler, Film Maker/Photographer
Frank Stanton, Worldwide Group
Eleanor Rorick Trust

The Weaver Foundation
Isabel Wade, Urban Resource Systems
Stanley Smith Insurance
G.& B. Polin
Julia A Osborn
Donald A. Jelinek
Samuel A. Weiss
Judith Albert
Anne B. Corcos
Dorothy Barnhouse
Helen Blair
Linda Boyd
Carl Brant

Christina C Stack

Severin Campbell

Sandra Clement

Laura Corcos
C. Drayton
Peter Freund
Margaret Friend
Philip G. Klein
Howard Glazer
Deborah H. Birginal
Ruth Harmer Carew
Martin Hitlelman
Robert J. Doran
Momodou Jaseh
Ty Jurras
Harry Lane
Joseph Langford
Anna M. Taylor
Cordelia Middleton-Rorick
S. Morris (Water Project)
Richard N. Lerner
Felicia Oldfather
Dan Panetta
Franck Pottier
Michael Pyatok
Marc Roger
Harry Rorick
Heidi Rorick
R. Rosenthal
Ruby Rosenthal
Leonard Roy Frank
Mrs. Ruth Slade
Dove Sholom Scherr
Diane Strong
Ralda Sullivan
Barbara Thomas
Carol Waldeck
Mr. Mcmahan
Mr. Bollock
Ms. Kauffman
Mr. Roth
Mr. Mitchell
Mr. Lenske

home projects bulletin board links who are we contact