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Nicaragua Project Description -
High Quality Low Cost Housing
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Value vs. Cost:

One of the reasons people feel the house is so fancy and expensive is that under previous conditions it would have been impossible for the ordinary person to have such a house. For example at the current prices being paid on other government projects this house would cost about C$3,000,000. However, this house can be done for much less. We were given an estimate from a local contractor for this house of under C$1,000,000 based on the methods employed in the model house. The cooperative, using its own labor can build the house for under C$600,000 including all labor & materials with labor paid at the coops current rate.

The most important point here is that this is feasible for the coop. They apparently have the capability with their own labor and local materials to create housing for themselves of this quality.

It is also significant that for an expenditure of C$600,000 they can have a house that is worth C$3,000,000.


home projects bulletin board links who are we contact