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Nicaragua Project Description -
High Quality Low Cost Housing
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How do we Solve this Problem:

To deal with these difficulties we have done several things.

    1) All our budget figures are based on costs as of March-May 1986. When we are forced to make comparisons of costs we use the costs that were in effect at that time. This means that some of the costs will appear absurd at the time you read this since inflation will have changed the numbers completely. It does allow us some crude basis of comparing relative costs at that date.

    2) We have broken costs down into quantities of labor and materials (including tools and fuel). In addition, almost all materials (except imported ones) have been broken down into their labor and materials cost. For example: lumber is not listed as a material, rather the quantities of labor, tools, and fuel has been tallied.

    Unfortunately, existing estimates for other building systems have not been done using the same methods. Thus it is not feasible to make accurate comparisons between different systems. Making a good decision would require using the same methodology to evaluate costs of each system. To get the best comparison the cost estimates for all systems should be made by a single team, thus guaranteeing a reasonably consistent costing method.

    3) Where possible we have used US$ costs for imported items.


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