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Nicaragua Project Description -
High Quality Low Cost Housing
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Budget for the New Houses:

The initial budget determined for each house was C$600,000. This was determined in March 1986 in a meeting with the Regional Director of MIDINRA, and engineering and architectural staff from MIDINRA, MINVAH, Asentamientos, and Groundwork Institute. This budget was deemed to be a low figure at that time. The figure was for a house of 36m2, with roof, walls, floors, and doors complete with labor and material. It did not include water, electricity, latrine, kitchen stove or other amenities.

The cost for the first test model should be expected to be as much as twice the cost of subsequent units.

To give an idea of general costs during this period:

Contractor built houses of this type cost an absolute minimum of C$25,000/M2 up to C$45,000/M2 in some zones. In March-May MIDINRA had in contract houses at C$30,000/M2. For the 36m2 house this gives a cost of C$900,000 to C$1,620,000. With inflation proceeding at over 200% annually these numbers will be quickly obsolete and in fact costs of projects only a few months old must be considered unreliable.

A self-help project with most of the labor performed by the users (and therefore not included in the budget) had a budget of C$290,000. This consisted of C$210,000 for materials including transport, C$70,000 for the skilled assistant, and C$7000 for tools.

The "Plan Techo" consisting of a tin roof on wood posts, and without walls, doors, or windows had a cost of C$225,000.


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