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Nicaragua Project Description -
High Quality Low Cost Housing
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How to Continue the Work - An Educational Program:

Coop school teacher.
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The principal problem in continuing this type of housing program is how to provide the construction training to lots of people and do this inexpensively. We suggest a combination training program - housing production program in which the people educated have as part of their responsibility training the next group.

A first such program should be undertaken with a group of the size suggested in "Organization of the Work", about 60 persons from about 6 coops or other groups.

They would work on the construction of 12-24 houses over a 6-12 month period. Each of the participating groups would receive some of the houses. Each team would work on the construction of at least two houses. Our experience suggests that a team can pretty well learn its work if it is allowed to do all the work on construction of one house with expert assistance advising in each step of the work. Construction of a second house allows them to consolidate and firm up this experience.

This amount of time is much less than what is generally considered necessary to train a competent construction worker. However, our experience indicates that it is possible.


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