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Nicaragua Project Description -
High Quality Low Cost Housing
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Project Background:
Julio became the construction forman.
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In 1985 Groundwork Institute was invited by the agrarian reform (MIDINRA) and the Directorate of Settlements (Dirreción de Asentamientos, Delegación de la Presidencia) to undertake a housing project in Nicaragua.  A preliminary site visit to assess the feasibility of such a project was made by Huck Rorick and Steve Sears in September, 1985.  The preliminary site visit resulted in a joint decision to undertake a pilot project in San Dionisio.  MIDINRA provided the funds for construction and expenses of technical staff in Nicaragua.  Additional funds were obtained through Groundwork Institute for salaries of Groundwork technicians and out of country expenses.  Design and construction work commenced in March, 1986.   
The project was done with the local dairy cooperative.
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Both Huck Rorick and Steve Sears had previously worked in Nicaragua. Steve Sears worked for a year in 1980 with CORFOP/IRENA.  He produced a report on Nicaraguan saw mills and was production manager for the saw mill in Rosita.  Huck Rorick completed a report for the government in 1982 on construction materials for Nicaragua including a proposal for resolving the housing problem.  We were assisted for 2 weeks by Pliny Fisk, a specialist in earth materials and member of Groundwork's Board of Advisers.  Pliny advised on adobe construction. He has worked previously in Nicaragua on the Atlantic Coast.


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