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You have been looking at the project concepts developed before construction.
Click here to see the project under construction and some of the finished buildings.


Prepared by:
    GROUNDWORK INSTITUTE - Huck Rorick, Executive Director with

Project Coordinator:
    Salvador Gomila, Director - Technical Center for Housing & Urban Planning

Principal Designer:
    Huck Rorick, Executive Director - Groundwork Institute
Design Team:
    Eduardo Rodriguez, Architect & Urban Planner
    Don Reay, Architect & Urban Planner
    Obdulio Iglesias, Architect & Urban Planner
    Jose Pereda, Architect & Urban Planner
    Juan L. Caveda, Architect
    Lazaro Fernandez, Engineer
    Ricardo Garcia, Natural Lighting
    Bruno Enriquez, Geophysicist - Natural Ventilation
    Miguel Ortega, Meteorologist
    Olga Perez, Solar Protection
    Marlo Martin, Physicist - Natural Cooling
    Carlos Villalva, Architect & Urban Planner
Consultants & Project Assistance:
    Sandy Hirshen, Architect
    Geoff Stanford, Waste Management
    Barbara Atkinson, Computer Simulatoins
    Computer Services by Berkeley Solar Group
    Peter Calthorpe, Architect

    CTCM-MICONS, Reflective Paints
      Carlos Fraginals
      Diomedes Almeida
      Margarita Rodriguez
      Juana Cuendia
      Huga Ly, MINBAS
      Carlos Villalva, Groundwork

    CTCM-MICONS, Solar Hot Water
      Jose Martin, Mechanical Engineer
      Lourdes Garcia, Electrical Engineer
      Javier Ortega, Engineer
      Jose Garcia, Architect, Sanitary Installations
      Gerry Lax, Solar Center

      Magali Lopez, Dept Head, Urban Planning, CTVU
      Marcial Diaz, Dept Head, Architecture & Tech.
      Sofia Carmona, Technical Services, CTVU
      Rene Rodriguez, Chief of Planning Development, MICONS
      Leonor Bandrich, Chief Environmental Physics, MICONS

    International Relations
      Graciela Tabio, CCP
      Reynaldo Gonzalex, ICAP
      Jose Esteves, ICAP
      Raul Coll, MICONS
    Maria Lambert
    Lazaro Fernandez
    Jose Pereda
    Eduardo Rodriguez
    Sandra Clement
    Harvey Bryan, Natural Lighting
    Florentin Krause, Energy Policy
    Gerry Lax, Solar Hot Water
    Marlo Martin, Natural Cooling
    Huck Rorick, Sustainable Communities
    Carlos Villalva, Reflective Paints
    Amory & Hunter Lovins, film: "Lovins on the Softpath"
    Jose Martin, Solar Hot Water
    Margarita Rodriguez, Reflective Paints
The U.S. portion of this work was supported by grants from:
    Funds advised by David Hunter
    Funding Exchange/Nation Community funds
    Libre Fund
    Youth Project/Circle Fund
    Carol & Ping Ferry
    Haskell Wexler

    A major source of support has been the many hours of time contributed by numerous people including many who it has not been possible to mention here.

GROUNDWORK INSTITUTE is a non-profit organization concerned with creating low cost, environmentally sound communities, based on the participation of the people who live in them. The Institute has its roots in a series of projects undertaken by a group of architects, builders, and environmental professionals to assist people in developing countries and disadvantaged communities in the U.S.

For example, one of our projects was with a low income village in the West Indies. This work was oriented toward construction of a small village employin gconcepts of waste reclying, sustainable energy systems, and ultra-low cost housing built from local materials. The design and construction was done together with the people of the community. In teh early stages we constructed a biogas digester, initiated a community education program, built energy efficient stoves in community workshops, and demoonstrated low cost bilding methods utilizing local materials.

We are involved with community developent as a unified process from project invention, financing, and design through the mechanics of execution: carpentry, plumbing, etc. In addition, we see our work as integral with education and with social and economic issues.

The Institure forms a base for bringing together material and human support for this type of work. GROUNDWORK INSTITUTE is recognized by the IRS as a 501 c(3) non-profit corporation and your contributions are tax deductible.

Board of Advisers (At the time of the project):
JOE COLLINS, co-founder with Frances Moore Lappe of Institute for Food & Development Policy. Co-Author of "Food First"

SANFORD HIRSHEN, former Chairman, University of California Department of Architecture.

AMORY LOVINS, Energy Research Advisory Board - U.S. Dept. of Energy; Policy Adviser, Friends of the Earth; author "Soft Energy Paths"

HUNTER LOVINS, lawyer, Policy Adviser - Friends of the Earth; co-author "Energy/War: Breaking the Nuclear Link".

PLINY FISK, founder Center for Maximum Potential Building Design.

MELINDA RORICK, Caribbean Basin Working Group.

GEOFF STANFORD, MD, PHD, Director of Greenhills Environmental Center.


    Funding Exchange?National Community Funds
    Sunrise Fund, Bellwether Fund, Libre Fund, Evergreen Fund
    Youth Project/Cricle Fund
    Caribbean Development Council
    Ronald V. Dellums, Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives. Barbara Lee, Administrative Assistant
    Gus Newport, Mayor, City of Berkeley, California
    David Hunter, Executive Director, Stern Fund
    Rod Holt, Vice President, Apple Computers
    Carol & Ping Ferry
    Haskell Wexler, film maker
    Oakland Community Design Center, UC
    Extensive In-king donations by prominent technical specialists.
CO-SPONSOR: Several Institute projects are co-sponsored by the Center for Environmental Change (CEC) at the University of California, Berkeley. The CEC Board of Directors is:
    Joseph Esherick, former Chairman, Department of Architecture
    Sanford Hirshen, former Chairman, Department of Architecture
    Richard Bender, Dean, College of Environmental Design
    Roslyn Lindheim, Professor or Architecture
    Claude Stoller, Treasurer, Professor of Architecture
    Mary Comerio, President of Board, Professor of Architecture


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