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Evolving Design:

This sketchbook presents the conceptual plan developed during March and April, 1984. It formed the basis for the first phase of construction. The community will take 8-10 years to build so it is important to realize that the design is not a static document that will be completed now and then rigidly carried out over the next 10 years. Rather it will evolve as the community grows. While the first phase is under construction, the next phase will be undergoing design. New technologies will be introduced. As the early phases are completed the experience gained will be used to improve later work. The seminars and technical exchange will continue. Education and learning will be a basic part of the process.

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The site for the new community of Las Arboledas is on the outskirts of Havana in a district called Altahabana. It is located about 8 kilometers from the center of Havana (20 minutes on the bus or car) and is part of the Havana Metropolitan Area.

The site is bounded by the National Hospital, a light industrial area, and a permanent recreational area which contains a small dam. There is existing housing to the east and north west and a city sub center is planned close by. The site itself is mostly undeveloped with many large trees, rolling hills, and the small dam. The dam is used for irrigation and can go dry during the winter, which is the dry season. Much of the site is currently pasture land, in many cases unused. It contains several mango groves and some small vegetable growing areas cultivated by small farmers. New apartment buildings have been constructed at one end of the site.


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