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Cameroon Ultra-Low-Cost Housing

Conditions in Besongabang

The following are a series of reports on different conditions in Besongabang relevant to the design and development of the project.

Kitchens How do people use their kitchens?  Who participates? What do they cook?

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Firewood  How and where do people gather firewood?  What kind?  How much?
Wedding Cooking, bride price discussion & preparations for a wedding.
Locally made sawdust stoves What alternates exist to the 3 stone fire? See more information on stoves in the Design Ideas section, which shows first efforts at improved cookstoves.

Questions Regarding Planting For Food And Landscape   What do people plant?  Where do they plant?  How much?  For food? For fuel? For appearance?
My Daily Life with Takor.  A foreign volunteer's experience living in the village.
Water Education Teaching children about water & sanitation



Water Report Report on water and sanitation conditions in Besongabang: Well survey, latrine survey, water testing, water treatment, public health education.





Making Fufu Video cooking fufu.

Making Eru Video cooking eru.

home projects bulletin board links who are we contact