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People on the Project

Local Non-Profit Partner

United Action for Children (UAC) is a community based Non-Governmental Organisation based in Buea, South West Region, Cameroon. UAC is a non-profit, philanthropic, and non-political organization. It commits itself to the development of a caring and sustaining society for children and young people. The organisation was created in 1996 in response to concerns about children’s education and development in the South West Region and Cameroon in general.  Website:


Orock Thomas Eyong, Project Coordinator.  Orock is one of the founders of United Action for Children.  He has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, Bachelor’s degree in Public Law and a Diploma in Youth Counseling.  He lives in Buea, Cameroon and travels regularly to Mamfe and Besongabang.


Local On-site Team

Takor Tambe, Besongabang resident, project team member. Takor was born in the village of Besongabang, Mamfe, Manyu Division, South-West Cameroon. He attended both primary and secondary schools in PHS located in the village itself. He then attained his first degree at the University of Dschang in the Western Region of Cameroon in the field of Law and Political Science. He has been previously trained as a volunteer with the National Civic Service Agency in Participation and Development by the Government of Cameroon. He has also volunteered for Love and Charity International. He is currently an auditor of National Youth Council and an active member in the village of Besongabang. He has also worked with Mountain Aero Services in Douala, Cameroon.


Carybeth Reddy, Peace Corps volunteer working with Groundwork in Besongabang.  Cary was born and raised in Waukesha, Wisconsin. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BS in Agricultural and Applied Economics in 2012. During her time at UW, her professors and mentors inspired her to pursue international work and she began focusing her coursework on international development. She was fortunate enough to spend time in Ecuador during college teaching English, working with a woman's jewelry cooperative and interning with The Andean Collection. She also spent a summer in Washington, DC as the Global Program Support Intern at CNFA, a USAID-funded agricultural development organization. Upon graduation, Carybeth joined the Peace Corps in Cameroon as an Agribusiness Adviser where she began working with Groundwork Institute. Her interests include cooking, dancing salsa and meringue, volleyball and learning new languages.


Pearly Wong, Groundwork volunteer working in Besongabang.  Pearly was born and grew up in Melaka, Malaysia. As a child, she found her interests in performing arts and biological science. Upon graduation from the University of Malaya in 2008 as a Bachelor of Biological Science, she embarked on a working holiday journey across Europe, Northern Africa and South East Asia. During her trip, she discovered her passion in humanities and international development. She became a master graduate in Sustainability, Development and Peace from the United Nations University, Institute of Sustainability and Peace in 2013. She is interested in a wide range of global issues and making a difference through education, research and advocacy. She is especially intrigued by the role of culture in sustainable development. She has previously worked in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal and now in Cameroon on research and development work, focusing on environmental sociology, I.e. how local communities utilize their environment and natural resources sustainably for their development.


Rogerio Costa, Architect, Architecture for Humanity

Rogerio is an architect and has worked on many projects for Architecture for Humanity.  He was crucial in getting our project started.  He did the initial work on water well surveys.  Rogerio oversaw the construction and completion of a soccer field and community center donated to Besongabang by FIFA.


Timothy Tabe, Besongabang resident, volunteer.

Timothy was born in Besongabang, Mamfe, Manyu Division, South-West Cameroon.  He worked with Pearly on improved wood cookstoves, assisted with water sanitation education programs with primary school children and helped with project research.


International Consultants





Dwabor kindergarten.

ARUP is one of the world's leading engineering firms and most advanced in green technology with 7000 staff in 77 offices in 29 countries.  They have donated consulting time and also material resources for the Cameroon project.  ARUP were engineers for the Sydney Opera House and 3 of the major buildings for the Beijing Olympics.  They are amongst the most advanced firms in sustainability. ARUP engineers volunteering for this project:

* Stephen Litsas, PE, LEED GA
* Cheyenne Waldman, PG, Geologist

* Yana Waldman, PE, LEED AP, Senior Engineer, Civil Infrastructure.

* Jennifer de Bruijn, EIT.

* Kevin Chen, Structural Engineer

  Harold Leverenz, PhD, Civil Engineer, Lecturer UC Davis, waste water specialist.
Marlo Martin, Physicist, former Director of Passive Cooling Program, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Kirk Harris, gasifier stove specialist
Paul Anderson, "Dr. TLUD", engineer, gasifier stove specialist
Roxanne Clement-Rorick, M Public Health, research assistant
TIG.  Computer graphics/Sketchup Sage.  Help with 3D topo of groundwater table.
Groundwork Board Members focused on this project
Seth Wachtel, Groundwork Board, Director of the Architecture and Community Design Program in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of San Francisco.
Huck Rorick, architect/builder, Groundwork Institute Executive Director.

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